AmbiLife.org exists to teach and promote mirror movement development (MMD). The average human body is mechanically designed for MMD and benefits greatly from the lifestyle practice. Learn about these benefits, famous practitioners, and methodologies of MMD through our blog, YouTube channel, activities group, and book – BIG3MMD: History’s Ambidextrous and the Benefits of Mirror Movement Development. It is the world’s first biscriptal book written in both traditional and mirrored text.

Historic practitioners and promoters of MMD include Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, the Ancient Greeks, Queen Victoria, Harry Houdini, Thomas Jefferson, Jimi Hendrix, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Hippocrates, Plato, M.C. Escher, Mozart, James Garfield, Lewis Carroll, Michelangelo, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, and more.

Benefits of MMD include body realignment, neurogenesis, weight loss, high-precision balance, heightened spatial awareness, improved memory recollection, creativty, increased reaction time, new movement capability, longevity, endosteroidogenesis, and more.

I got into MMD fifteen years ago for physical rehabilitation from ten years of asymmetric skateboarding. Thanks to MMD, at 40 years old, I can now skateboard for longer distances and better perform physically than I could have years ago. Mentally, MMD has made my brain feel refreshed, confident, and capable of more.

My dream is to see MMD taught in schools as a foundational practice for optimal brain and body human development. Learn about it all here at AmbiLife.org MMD on, my friends!

Jim Houliston, Founder AmbiLife