BIG3MMD: History’s Ambidextrous and the Benefits of Mirror Movement Development covers the history, science, and benefits of mirror movement development (MMD) as the world’s first modern biscriptal book. It is written in both traditional and mirrored script.

Who are the “Big Three” in BIG3MMD? They are Benjamin Franklin, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, and Leonardo da Vinci – three of the most interesting, dual-dominant people of our last millennium.

Dual-dominance – traditionally known as ambidexterity – can be developed by any average person through the practice of MMD for astounding benefits to both the brain and body.

Some of the most prolific MMD practitioners include Nikola Tesla, Mozart, and Michelangelo. Each of these historic giants practiced dual-dominance as a springboard to greatness. For example, did you know that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with both hands? Or that Mozart composed music with the same approach?

Additional historic MMD practitioners and promoters include:
Ancient Greece, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, James Garfield, Lewis Carroll, Plato, M.C. Escher, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein, Easter Islanders, Hippocrates, Harry Houdini, Jimi Hendrix, Gordie Howe and Mickey Mantle

The handedness of these historic figures, various of whom were polymaths, virtuosos, and renaissance men, is presented here in BIG3MMD.