MMD Explained

What is MMD? The human body, with its symmetric skeleton, symmetric exterior sensory features, and symmetrically-weighed distribution of asymmetrically jumbled internal organs, is made for mirror movement development (MMD). The same goes for a car: symmetric frame, symmetric exterior features, and a symmetrically weighed sum of asymmetrically placed internal components. You would never, though, buyContinue reading “MMD Explained”

Today’s MMD Practitioners

The internet shows a world where seemingly everything is practiced. The presence of developing ambidexterity is no different. Videos online show some of us simply dabbling in it, while others have been doing it for years. History’s MMD practitioners include quite a few notables, but it’s the contemporary practitioners I want to focus on sinceContinue reading “Today’s MMD Practitioners”

History’s MMD Practitioners

Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with both hands. Mozart composed music both right- and left-handed. Plato urged his students to practice ambidexterity.Nikola Tesla identified as ambidextrous… Additional historic practitioners of mirror movement development (MMD) include: The Ancient Greeks Leonardo Da Vinci Lord Baden-Powell Benjamin Franklin Mahatma Gandhi Thomas Jefferson Albert Einstein Queen Victoria James GarfieldContinue reading “History’s MMD Practitioners”